Membership to INZA is free and open to any and all interested in natural zeolite science and technology. Members are placed on an electronic distribution list, where they will receive notices of upcoming meetings, workshops, and zeolite-related messages from other members. Members also have the opportunity to send their own messages to the INZA membership. Members nominate and elect officers and serve on INZA governing bodies and organizing committees.

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Why Join INZA?

Through access to its conferences and publications, membership in INZA is the best way to follow the many-sided developments in the natural zeolite sciences and to meet fellow scientists and technologists having widely different backgrounds and interests.

Members of INZA support its Purpose

  • to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner the advancement of natural zeolite science and technology
  • to promote research in natural zeolite science and technology
  • to increase and diffuse knowledge of natural zeolite science and technology
  • by its meetings, reports, papers, discussions, and publications, to promote scientific interest and inquiry in the field of natural zeolite science and technology.

INZA provides these Services to members

  • Sponsors the quadrennial Natural Zeolites Conference where papers and specially invited reviews are presented in all areas of natural zeolite science.
  • Organizes trips to laboratories, industrial plants, and field occurrences of natural zeolites.
  • Arranges joint meetings with other related societies.
  • Publishes Conference Proceedings and Special Publications.
  • Offers selected books to its members from time to time at a discount over the publisher’s posted price.
  • Supports the INZA List Server.

Proposed Future Services

(if you would like to spearhead one of these efforts, please contact the INZA)

  • Supporting a Student Research Grant Program.
  • Supporting a Source Zeolites Project which is designed to provide homogeneous samples of natural zeolites for research purposes.

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